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[ARCH] Miner Wrap [1x2][v1]

A compact wrap for any tier of miner, featuring an upper a-frame and large cantilever. This design also features fully integrated sign lighting, node signs, sliding access door to connect belts, side access ladder, main entrance with upper external deck and complete hidden electricity outlets. Great effort was taken to ensure the miners rear animation is highlighted by this design. How to Use: Place foundation over an ore deposit. Place your choice of miner. Place the blueprint on-top. To help with alignment, please see the construction image included. It is advised to align the rear of the wrap to the miner, focusing on ensuring the top rear of the miner is centered with only a small amount extruding from the blueprint. Another effective method for aligning is the rear angled lights (see bottom of the construction image). The design includes large tolerance for positioning to ensure that every mining node can be aligned - it is not intended to always align perfectly. To connect electricity, simply hook up the miner to one of the electric outlets by the miners electricity input. You can then use and of the top, bottom, or other electricity outlets to connect to your network. Known Issues: Mk3 Miner ladder does not function.

Blueprint Designer Used
Blueprint Designer (4x4x4)
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18:47 25/06/2024
Architecture Miner

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