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Blueprints Map

A set of save files have been set up so you can create blueprints in them. There is one save file for each band of Tiers in the HUB. You can create a blueprint for say Rotor production for use while you're in Tier 2. Max belts avalable is Mk.2, so the other belts in that save file are not unlocked. This means whatever you build using the Tiers 1 to 2 file is safe for use as long as you've unlocked those build pieces from within the HUB or AWESOME Shop. However by design, everything that becomes available from Tier 3 onwards is still locked.

Yes, I know what you're thinking. "But you can't use blueprints till you've unlocked it in Tier 4!" Yes, correct. That's where Starter Maps save files come in. Go check them out. 😉

The map includes the designers from the mod Blueprint Designer Plus, giving you the option to build bigger blueprints. Make sure the mod is installed. Blueprints made using the mod designers don't need the mod installed to use them, so you can even share these blueprints with fellow pioneers. If you don't want to use the mod, just load the save & the 4 mod buildings simply won't be there.

I've added all the available sizes as the designers can only load a blueprint made in a designer of that size. You can still place/build a blueprint that fits within the designer though.

The main colour swatches have also been updated to be neutral, while the first 10 swatches are set to the different pipe fluids & gasses in the game so you can paint the pipes to match the contents if you wish.

Creative mode is on so you don't need to worry about resources & the Personal Storage Container that's part of the HUB is filled with Power Shards.

The ZIP file contains:

  • 4 save files. One for each band of Tiers.
  • 1 Satisfactory Mod Manager profile with PAK Utility Mod (so you can !fly) & Blueprint Designer Plus.

Save & blueprint file locations can both be found in:

  • %LOCALAPPDATA%\FactoryGame\Saved\SaveGames\